Special Interest
Willy Andrist: has prepared the index of the "Ortschaften des eidgenössischen Freistaates Bern" from 1838 for the internet; also: The Andrist family from the Simmental, origin of the family name, armories etc.
Peter Baumgartner: The Baumgartner family from Langnau.
Andreas Blatter: has made a list on the basis of a number of publications and dissertations of the significance an origin of Swiss German family names. Further on the Blatter familiy from Niedermuhlern/Zimmerwald, the Fankhauser familiy from Eggiwil and Ulli from Reisswil
Markus Christ: The Christ family from Solothurn.
Trudy Egli has researched the history of the 250 churches in the Canton of Berne.
Karl Max Eichenberger works on the history of the anabaptists.
Daniel Guggisberg trnscribes the Chorgerichtsmanuale from Belp; in addition he works on chronicles of Englisberg, Ober- und Niedermuhlern as well as Zimmerwald. Furter: Die Guggisberg vom Längenberg.
Hans Haldemann compiled an index of the church records from Steffisburg.
Alfred Imhof covers all the marriages registered in the church books of the Canton of Berne up to 1800.
Therese Metzger researches all about the Münger family in the Canton of Berne.
Hans Minder und Alfred Imhof compiled all the places of origin of all the families before 1861, available in an Excel-file on CD-ROM.
August G. Müller prepares a list of all families and communities researched by members of the RVFF.
Liliane Ruprecht Kellerhals writes, on the bases of a mandate, biographies for people who don’t have a self confidence to do themselves.
Robert Scheuermeier: The Schürmeier family, a business family from Zurich.
Walter Sommer: The Sommer family from Affoltern i.E.
Heinz von Allmen has transcribed the church records from Lauterbrunnen from 1603 to 1875 and will help you to find your ancestors in the Lauterbrunnen valley.
Peter Wälti has written the history of the people from Brienz containing amongst other things the development and constitution of the village confraternity, tells about the extinct families of Brienz such as Courbe, Heger, Hohlenweger and Marmet and describes the beginning of all todays families as of before 1780 (Abplanalp, Eggler, Fischer, Flück, Fuchs,, Grossmann, Gusset, Huggler, Kehrli, Kienholz, Kuster, Linder, Mathyer, Michel, Müller, Schild, Schneiter, Stähli, Thomann, Thöni, Wyss und Zobrist). It was published in the yearbook 2012 of the SGFF and in the new edition of the Heimatbuch Brienz (1999) edition 2011 which is available at the Einwohnergemeinde Brienz. 
Werner Wyssmann is about transcribing all the church records from the Oberaargau (Herzogenbuchsee is almost finished); specializing on disadvantaged groups as  "Hintersässen, Bettelvolck, fremde Völckli und Bettelfuhr".
Thomas Zaugg: The Zaugg cooperation.






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