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Genealogical-Heraldic Society of Berne, Switzerland
Genealogical-Heraldic Society of Berne, Switzerland
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Ehen im Kanton Bern
Es sind bisher ├╝ber 402'000  Ehen in 135 Gemeinden, die bis zirka 1800 im Kanton Bern geschlossen worden sind, transkribiert und in einer Excel-2007-Tabelle erfasst.
The offer is constantly being expanded - Last edition from February 25th, 2020

Order: You can order all or a part of them (some regions or community of churches)
Normaly you will receive the datas as Excel-table. Or in a format you will.

Costs: Cost min. Fr. 20.-- (till 20'000 marriages). From 20'000 entries Fr. 1.-- pro 1'000 additional marriages.

Order by: Fritz Bieri, CH-3645 Gwatt
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